Router 3030


Working size area300x300mmx50 mm
Frame MaterialAluminium alloy
Max. Feeding height70mm(From base of Z axis to platform)
working temperature0-45 °C
spindle power300 watt / 500 watt / 800 watt
Drive unit:stepper drivers
X axisBall Screws;
Y axisBall Screws;
Z axisBall Screws;
Drive motortwo-phase stepper motor
Driving Power for Stepping motorAC220V, 240W; 50-60Hz
Maximum Idle speed1000mm/min
Working Speed50-1000mm/min(different material with different speed settings)
Spindle motor10000 rpm high-speed variable frequency spindle motor, ER11 chuck, matching 6mm bur
Repositioning precision≤0.05mm
Cooling methodair cooling
Spindle precisionRadial runout≤ 0.03mm
Carving commandG code/TAB file/nc/TAB /NCC/file
ProtectionEmergency stop button
Communication interfaceUSB port to computer
Input VoltsAC 220V
Available SoftwareMarch3
Software EnvironmentWindows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10
protection of Axisno